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Samsung KadeWe - UNIT9

Samsung KadeWe - UNIT9 - UNIT9


Title: Samsung KadeWe
Entrant Company: UNIT9
Production Company: UNIT9
Advertising Agency: CHEIL
Client: Samsung
Type of Project (VR, AR, Website, App, Live Experience, etc.): Live Experience
Project description: To celebrate the launch of new Galaxy S10, we took over KaDeWe, a major department store in Berlin, to highlight 10 of the phone’s most impressive features by transforming store’s windows into 10 corresponding interactive installations.The way Samsung technology benefits and impacts the consumer, cannot always be adequately translated through conventional campaigns. Staging their innovations in a public space gives us the opportunity to present them in a fun and playful way. Art has relevance and moves people – just like technology. It was just a perfect fit.
Innovation is at the heart of everything Samsung does. In honor of the new Galaxy S10- the most powerful and innovative phone on the market, we wanted to highlight 10 of the phone’s most impressive features in never-before-seen ways . We took over the windows of KaDeWe, the most famous department store in Berlin, to let people experience the unique features for themselves.
We wanted to show how the groundbreaking innovation that Samsung is bringing into their phones, can be demonstrated through interactive and beautiful window installations.
Samsung is a visionary brand that dreams of a better future for its consumers. Without dreams Samsung couldn’t have created so many innovations over the years.
At the KaDeWe we show that dreams unleash true innovations. We let passersby join Samsung into a world where imagination flows freely and lets people discover the infinite possibilities of technology. We open people’s mind, challenging them to pursue their goals and become dreamers again. Because we believe no dream too big to unfold.
The KaDeWe building’s 10 iconic windows were ideal for showing off 10 of the phone’s most exceptional features. But we wanted to do more than just create innovative, eye-catching installations; we wanted to push the boundaries of what was possible within the windows and find new ways to let passersby interact with and affect what was inside. Further, we wanted every window to translate the features of the phone so people understood how components like superior connectivity, enhanced intelligence, and a powerful camera could improve their lives.
All window installations cleverly blended art and innovation. Balancing interactivity and design, each window contained a unique installation that brought to life a key aspect of the phone, including a rising sun to represent its superior charging power, a fingerprint embedded in glass to represent its ultrasonic fingerprint scanner, and a rain room to represent that it’s waterproof. We used a variety of advanced technologies to make them as interactive as possible. A few windows used infrared sensors to allows people to engage with and trigger reactions inside of the windows themselves. Other highlights included fun interactive games, a multi-angle photo booth, and a miniature infinity room. The interactive windows enticed people to visit a pop-up shop inside KaDeWe to buy a new phone and put these features at their fingertips.
FWA of the Month
-2M impressions on social media
- 1.4 M customers on-site
- 280% more Galaxy S10 sold throughtout Berlin

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