Nike Reactland - UNIT9 - UNIT9 MP4 57s

Nike Reactland - UNIT9

Nike Reactland - UNIT9 - UNIT9


Title: Nike Reactland
Entrant Company: UNIT9
Production Company: UNIT9
Advertising Agency: Wieden + Kennedy
Client: Nike
Type of Project (VR, AR, Website, App, Live Experience, etc.): Live Experience
Project description: Nike wanted to put its React shoes to the test by inviting fans in Dubai to actually run in them. Because the shoes are revolutionary, the experience had to be as well. We were invited to build the installation that runners couldn’t stop talking about: a real-time video game where the players are the fans. We took pictures of each player against a green screen and created a game avatar that looked just like them. The players ran on a treadmill to make their characters move through the game—almost like a modern-day Super Mario Brothers. They ran through streets, jumped over obstacles and climbed up buildings. Fans could then use get their personal avatar printed it on a t-shirt to remember their epic run. Of course the experience featured shoe feature shout-outs and fans were able to purchase their own when they were done.

The experience was aimed at young, sporty individuals, runners and joggers. Everyone looking to make their favorite activity a better experience.
Nike wanted to put its React shoes to the test by inviting fans to actually run in them. Nike didn’t just want to take fans on a same-old-same-old run—they wanted to create an experience people would never forget. The installation had to showcase all of the shoe’s attributes: durability, flexibility, energy return and convey the feeling when wearing them - like running on clouds.

The concept neatly brings together a handful of features for the customer: A product trial, a fun experience with personalisation and a shareable at the end.
We focused on using interactive technologies to deliver a fun, engaging and social experience. The gamified trial experience took users through 4 worlds each portraying a key feature of the Nike React. Users had the opportunity to release React shoes along the way.
The creative idea was to create a retro-style pixel art game, looking back at the classics such as Mario Bros or Sonic the Hedgehog games, where the mechanics are simple but extremely entertaining and addictive. To take the immersion to the next level, before the game starts a picture of the player is taken, transformed into a pixelart version and stitched to the in-game character, ultimately recreating the player inside the game. The hero would be constantly running right, reflecting what the player is doing - jogging on a real treadmill as he plays and using a physical controller to make the character jump. Players compete on a local leaderboard in attempt to run around the globe, visiting different parts of the world and are rewarded with a customised shareable clip and can even customize a T-shirt with their avatar.

- 48% of players bought shoes after running
- A total of 30,000 km run and counting
- Roll-out in 8 cities in 4 countries and counting
- 5 cities in China, Berlin, Dubai, Taiwan

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