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The Dead Must Die - Framestore

The Dead Must Die - Framestore -


Title: The Dead Must Die
Entrant Company: Framestore
Client: HBO
Type of Project (VR, AR, Website, App, Live Experience, etc.): AR
Recommended headset or device (if applicable): Magic Leap
Project description: “The Dead Must Die,” HBO’s first partnership with Magic Leap, combines mixed reality content based on show assets deployed in the Unity engine, with practical, animatronic set pieces. Players walk onto a set resembling King’s Landing where they are soon ambushed by a wight bursting from a trembling crate, which triggers a head-to-head battle with a White Walker. In addition to creating “The Dead Must Die," Framestore created a promotional spot with Wieden + Kennedy which translates the interactivity of the experience into a visceral spot, so that at-home users can understand what they could expect once they put the glasses on.
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