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Beyond the Wall - Framestore

Beyond the Wall - Framestore -


Title: Beyond the Wall
Entrant Company: Framestore
Client: HBO
Type of Project (VR, AR, Website, App, Live Experience, etc.): VR
Project description: Working closely with HBO from concept through to execution, Framestore conceptualized, designed and developed both the digital content and physical components for the experience. Building on two previous VR experiences created for the hit series, “Beyond the Wall” allows fans to test their flaming sword-fighting skills against a massive wight bear and a hoard of White Walkers. Using the HTC Vive, Unreal Engine, and the latest GPU tech from NVIDIA, players are transported to a realistic scene north of The Wall and forced to defend themselves from the undead - with no dragons to help. 4D elements amplify the gamer’s journey, including a motion floor alongside heat, cold and wind effects.
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