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Title: Slapstick
Entrant Company: Buck
Production Company: Buck
Advertising Agency: Buck
Client: Buck
Type of Project (VR, AR, Website, App, Live Experience, etc.): AR
Recommended headset or device (if applicable): iPhone
Project description: The design and animation studio Buck has developed an Augmented Reality app for those looking to add some extra edge to their story posts.

Slapstick is an AR camera app for recording short-form videos and photos of your world— stickerfied. Within seconds of launch, you can sticker bomb your environment, yourself, and even your pets. The illustrated stickers are Buck originals and are all included for free at launch. There is a whole series of sticker themes to choose from: everything from twerking hearts in the XOXO
pack to the NSFW Kinky set.

Each animated sticker includes sound, and many are lightly interactive, so that you can layer stickers together for a fun and raucous ‘slap’ to share. Direct sharing to Instagram, download, and other options are available in-app for your recordings.

The app leverages ARKit and ARCore capability to track surfaces, objects and environments as you move your phone around. Drag a sticker off the in-app tray and onto a surface, and it sticks in place. You also have the ability to rotate, ip, and toggle the stickers within z-space—allowing for precise placement when crafting the AR world around you.

The Slapstick design team at Buck aims to give users the ability to “stick it to boring” by looking around themselves for inspiration, rather than focusing solely on selfies. Buck Creative Director Kevin Walker, who spearheaded the app design, notes: “Like so much of what we do, we wanted to use some hi-tech to tell some lo-stories.”

Slapstick is available on iOS and Android, with new sticker pack releases announced on the app’s Instagram (@slapstick_app). Frequently asked questions concerning the app’s capabilities can be found at
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Download app link (if applicable):
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