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Vertical Home - Quad Productions / QUAD GROUP
Quad Productions / QUAD GROUP

Vertical Home - Quad Productions / QUAD GROUP - Quad Productions / QUAD GROUP


Title: Vertical Home
Entrant Company: Quad Productions / QUAD GROUP
Production Company: Quad Productions / QUAD GROUP
Advertising Agency: Fullsix
Client: Schmidt
Director: Neels Castillon
Director of Photography: Stephan Massis
Production Designer / Art Director: Jerome Krowicki
Executive Producer: Martin Coulais, Solène Frank
Executive Creative Director: Bertrand Bouchet
Editing Company: HRCLS
Sound Company: HRCLS
Music Company: Benzene
Location: Falaise du Parmelan - French Alps
Location Manager: Isabelle Gautier
The Challenge: The 'Vertical Home' project was inspired by famous British mountaineer Kenton Cool. Mountaineers are extreme athletes who live in hostile environments.
We had to respect the brief to carry out the campaign "without faking it" and filming it in France in "red" (pro material). The challenge was to build a fully-functional kitchen and a walk-in closet and produce a series of documentaries covering all the stages of this adventure in order to prove that Schmidt products are ultra-customizable and adaptable for each individual and for every kind of situation, even the most extreme.
As a production company, we had to face an enormous safety challenge: we had no room for error on this cliff.
The Solution: We have chosen to rely on a team of mountain people at all posts accustomed to high mountains. As the majority of the sites were protected, there was no question of going there. We also had to choose a location due to weather conditions to make sure everyone would be safe at 1,800 meters above sea level. Our director took climbing classes to make him more comfortable. To suspend the chief operator, a 600 kg installation was designed. For two weeks, the teams slept in tents in the middle of the mountains. And to communicate, we returned to the good old walkie-talkie, even if it was not always easy to pick up through the cliff. We also wanted to carry out the project in an environmentally friendly way, the kitchen was donated to a charity and everything that was used to create the path on the cliff was removed and scrupulously cleaned.
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