Tino Kamal - 'VIP' - Prodigious UK / Dimension Studios / Stone Dogs Post / Bubble - Prodigious UK MP4 3m:12s

Tino Kamal - 'VIP' - Prodigious UK
Prodigious UK / Dimension Studios / Stone Dogs Post / Bubble

Tino Kamal - 'VIP' - Prodigious UK - Prodigious UK / Dimension Studios / Stone Dogs Post / Bubble


Title: Tino Kamal - 'VIP'
Entrant Company: Prodigious UK
Production Company: Prodigious UK / Dimension Studios / Stone Dogs Post / Bubble
Client: Tino Kamal / Roland Lane Studios
Type of Project (VR, AR, Website, App, Live Experience, etc.): Volumetric Capture (VolCap) / Pop Promo / Experimental
Project description: An ambitious and innovative collaboration between director Roland Lane , world-leading volumetric capture studio Dimension , and the CGI/VFX specialists team at Prodigious London , has seen the creation of the world’s first 2D rap music video using Microsoft’s Mixed Reality Capture technology for English rapper Tino Kamal.

Filmed entirely using Dimension’s state-of-the-art volumetric capture technology using 106 cameras simultaneously, the resulting 3D data was processed to create an animated and textured photorealistic virtual duplicate of Tino.

In collaboration with director Roland Lane, the CGI and VFX team at Prodigious then crafted a three-minute abstract sequence enhanced using a variety of VFX techniques which would be difficult or impossible to achieve using traditional filming and post-production methods.

“Tino was the perfect subject for this project. He obviously has a unique, striking appearance which translates effectively on screen, but he also has a fantastic way of moving whilst delivering lyrics. This expressive element to his performance makes for a constantly interesting presence in the frame, and meant he could be the sole subject present. This enabled us to create visuals based around his appearance continuously altering.”
I feel the creative possibilities are endless and we really are only scratching the surface of what can be done.”
Roland Lane, Director

“Most of the work in volumetric is currently in the area of AR and real-time applications which has its own limitations of what you can currently achieve. By combining this technique with a more traditional VFX-centric approach we could create something that was far visually richer, using all the tools and workflows we use on post-heavy VFX projects."
“The ability to defer many of the usual decisions to post-capture in terms of setting up camera angles was a big advantage to give more creative possibilities for Roland to experiment. This approach will clearly have a massive impact for traditional film-making in the future as the technology matures.”
Andy McNamara , Director of CGI and Innovation at Prodigious London

“Tino is another great example of the incredible creative possibilities that volumetric capture can help realise, and a continuation of Dimension’s pioneering work on believable virtual humans using Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture. Not only is filming volumetrically uncomplicated, it also has the added benefit of giving unparalleled creative freedom to both the post production team and the director. This is an important first for volumetric capture and the result is a visually stunning and dynamic music video that is a pleasure to watch."
Simon Windsor , joint-MD for Dimension

“Most volumetric projects to date have focused on photo-realism and immersion to push the boundaries of human connection. But this team used volumetric as a foundation to create stunning visuals we’ve never seen before, still rooted firmly in Tino’s performance and presence. It’s an inspiring piece, and we’re eager to see how it will move other talented creators to adopt volumetric in their own new ways.”
Steve Sullivan, Partner & General Manager at Mixed Reality Capture Studios, Microsoft
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