Mystique Sequence - Picture Farm Production - Picture Farm Production / PF77 MP4 10m:23s

Mystique Sequence - Picture Farm Production / PF77
Picture Farm Production

Mystique Sequence - Picture Farm Production / PF77 - Picture Farm Production


Title: Mystique Sequence
Entrant Company: Picture Farm Production / PF77
Production Company: Picture Farm Production
Client: Surf Lodge
Director: Tim Georgeson
Director of Photography: Soren Nielsen
Production Designer / Art Director: Tim Georgeson
Executive Producer: John Fego
Executive Creative Director: Tim Georgeson
Editing Company: Picture Farm Production
Sound Company: Adam Moses
Music Company: Thus Owls
Production Services Company: Picture Farm Production
Location: Montauk, New York
Location Manager: John Fego
The Challenge: The primary challenge in shooting Mystique Sequence was navigating the breadth of the Montauk environment - from sea to sky. Filming under water was particularly challenging, as it meant our DP had to negotiate fast currents while attempting to capture the variety of footage necessary. We wanted to order to ensure a safe, but efficient and productive shoot that yielded a wide variety of footage, which would ultimately contribute to the emotional tone of the film. Turning the technicalities of the shoot into an authentic experience for the viewer was paramount.
The Solution: Accomplishing the Mystique Sequence shoot required a few essential elements - the first of which was a safety diver for the underwater sequences. This diver worked with our DP to support him through the quick changes in movement of the water, so he could safely operate the camera equipment. The home-base for these parts of the shoot was a dive boat. From this boat, we also had an extremely skilled drone operator who helped us to capture the vast aerial footage of the Montauk waters featured in the film. These technical and safety elements were integral to the success of the shoot.
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