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12-Hour Drive Thru - Hey Wonderful
Hey Wonderful

12-Hour Drive Thru - Hey Wonderful - Hey Wonderful


Title: 12-Hour Drive Thru
Entrant Company: Hey Wonderful
Production Company: Hey Wonderful
Advertising Agency: GSD&M
Client: Popeyes
Type of Project (VR, AR, Website, App, Live Experience, etc.): Stunt, live experience, activation
Project description: Case study video:

Popeyes 12-Hour Drive-Thru was the first and only fast-food drive-thru to start in one state and end 850 miles away in another state. It had to be that long because Popeyes marinates its chicken that long. That’s what makes it so good.

We took a menu order board normally found at one of our restaurants and installed it 12 hours away from our flagship location so that fans would have to drive for as long as their chicken marinated. It was the perfect way to show them just how long 12 hours really is. Along the way, billboards and even cheering crowds told them how much longer their chicken had to marinate.

In a world of six-second ads, this activation pushed the boundaries of consumer engagement, compelling the industry to rethink how long people are willing to spend with your brand as long as you give them a unique experience. The agency partnered with an award-winning director - Sam Cadman - renowned for his work in experiential/hidden camera/real people.

To executive the stunt, we took a digital menu board normally found at Popeyes and installed it along a desolate stretch of Interstate 10 in the West Texas desert. This made for an arresting visual—and the board really worked, allowing people to place orders through a talk box, just like at a regular drive-thru. Then fans drove 12 hours to the flagship Popeyes in New Orleans, Louisiana, while we marinated their chicken.

Along the way, we let them know how much longer they—and their chicken—had to go with billboards in Fort Stockton, San Angelo and Beaumont, Texas, plus Baton Rouge, Louisiana. In San Antonio, a moving billboard drove by the fans, surprising them, and in Houston, crowds held banners and cheered on drivers from a freeway overpass.

Popeyes 12-Hour Drive Thru launched in October 2018 with a PR and social media campaign targeting fast-food fans throughout the United States. Paid and organic content was posted to Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

Hundreds applied on to be part of this experience, which took place in November 2018.

Eighteen fans completed Popeyes 12-Hour Drive Thru and millions followed their journeys, learning that Popeyes marinates its chicken 12 very long hours.

This campaign got tons of media coverage from Creativity and Adweek to Us Weekly and Food & Wine. The campaign earned 150.6 million media impressions ($1.5 million in paid-media value).

In addition, the 12-Hour Drive-Thru website generated 880,000 impressions, reaching 588,000 unique users. Hundreds applied to make the drive. Through paid social media channels, the campaign delivered 8.7 million additional impressions, reaching 5.7 million unique users.

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