Bixby Voice Forever - Crazy Few films, Room 121 - Samsung Electronics India MP4 2m:00s

Bixby Voice Forever - Samsung Electronics India
Crazy Few films, Room 121

Bixby Voice Forever - Samsung Electronics India - Crazy Few films, Room 121


Title: Bixby Voice Forever
Entrant Company: Samsung Electronics India
Production Company: Crazy Few films, Room 121
Advertising Agency: Cheil Worldwide
Client: Samsung Electronics
Type of Project (VR, AR, Website, App, Live Experience, etc.): Personalized A.I.
Project description: Currently, all A.I. voice assistants have their own personalities attached to them, but none of them are personalized to the user. Bixby Voice Forever is the world’s first personalized Voice Assistant.

The first device was created for Sonal; a mother of two and Motor Neurone Disease patient. All MND patients lose their ability to speak. Before Sonal lost her speech, we engineered her own personalized A.I. Voice Assistant so she can leave her natural voice alive in her children’s smartphones and throughout all of their Samsung home appliances. We first recorded her voice and synthesized all tones, pitches, and unique characteristics to create a realistic voice file we could integrate into Bixby’s A.I. code; to make her voice, the voice of Bixby. Then, we personalized the wake-up command from “Hi Bixby” to “Hi Mama,” and personalized the responses, so it always answers with her children’s names and personal information.

This project is the beginning of a new era of emotional intelligence, where people can achieve more intimate and meaningful relationships with their A.I. voice assistants.

The Bixby campaign achieved great results. It raised awareness of MND and Bixby across all of India and became a top Twitter trending topic for weeks. The Youtube spot reached +100 million views in less than 7 days and more than +201 million views to date; making it one of the most viral commercials in history. Additionally, audiences created numerous reaction videos with thousands of views. But most importantly, we achieved in making this never before seen technology a reality and gave MND patients around the world a new way to cope with this deteriorating disease.
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