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Title: UNI
Entrant Company: O2 Filmes
Production Company: O2 Filmes
Advertising Agency: No agency
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Type of Project (VR, AR, Website, App, Live Experience, etc.): Website, social media platforms, worshops
Project description: UNI is an Amazonian people connection hub with each other and with the world.

The peoples of the Amazon are responsible for the preservation of the forest and is so because their livelihood depends on it standing. UNI seeks to give voice to the forest dwellers strengthening and helping them to preserve it.
The Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world and occupies more than 60% of the Brazilian territory, but 20% of its area has been cleared. Studies indicate that the forest lost over 5% of the territory of the desertification process will be irreversible.

The forest guardians live in harmony with nature and struggle to keep it standing, but are almost never heard. The riches of their territory, more than ever are under pressure. They are threatened and with them the Amazon rainforest.

What can be done? There are many initiatives for the forest and its inhabitants associations, startups, independent entrepreneurs, civil society organizations, companies, institutes and NGOs do it very well. However, the synergy between these various actions is very low, generally isolated from each other and without direct connection with the other residents. So, create channels of contact between those who live in the Amazon or who's out and cares about the biome is urgent.

UNI is an online network of union of forest peoples, a digital territory of the Amazon, the Internet.

An online network of union of forest peoples,
a digital territory of the Amazon, the Internet.

As the UNI work?
UNI has three lines of action
Axis 1 - Communication:

UNI has a content page on the peoples of the Amazon produced together with communities.
Training workshops for the production of content and posting on the network will be given upon request, always within the limits of our ability to meet.

Axis 2 - Connection:

Through UNI, people who are not known can exchange experiences related to their work, create partnerships, dialogue with entrepreneurs who work in the forest to find new opportunities and increase their economic potential.

UNI will give special attention to the visibility of crowdfunding campaigns, community projects, startups seeking funding and entrepreneurs working in the chain of the forest economy.

The goal is that the exchanges and connections provided by UNI can be, as well as a source of knowledge, a mobilization tool.

Axis 3 - Knowledge:

We promote the exchange of knowledge through workshops, exchanges and distance learning between people, institutions, private companies and people who are outside the Amazon.

UNI platform will also have information of movies, series, books, exhibitions and events, all indicated by the UNI community.

To launch the platform were performed 70 hours of digital communication workshop focusing on production and post videos and photos. The initial result was: 3 instagram profiles of these already online communities and 4 mini documentaries finalized. And many stories yet to come.

UNI is a seed, will be part of this forest.

Connect to the Amazon!
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