Everyone Has A Thing - Revolver, Somesuch - Human MOV 1m:30s

Everyone Has A Thing - Human
Revolver, Somesuch

Everyone Has A Thing - Human - Revolver, Somesuch


Title: Everyone Has A Thing
Entrant Company: Human
Production Company: Revolver, Somesuch
Advertising Agency: Special Group Australia
Client: eBay
Director: King She
Director of Photography: Ari Wenger
Production Designer / Art Director: Sabine Schwarz, Adam Shear
Executive Producer: James Dean Wells
Executive Creative Director: Gareth Williams, Craig DeLeon
VFX Company: ?
Editing Company: The Editors
Sound Company: Post Human
Music Company: Human
Animation Company: ?
Composer: Jon Hubbell
Performer: ?
Extra Credits: Kenzo Perron, Rob Suchecki, Daryl Pinsdorf
Original Track: My Favorite Things by Julie Andrews
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