Australia's National Sport Is... - FINCH - FINCH MP4 3m:00s

Australia's National Sport Is... - FINCH

Australia's National Sport Is... - FINCH - FINCH


Title: Australia's National Sport Is...
Entrant Company: FINCH
Production Company: FINCH
Advertising Agency: The Monkeys, part of Accenture Song
Client: TAB
Director: Nick Ball
Director of Photography: Jeremy Rouse
Production Designer / Art Director: Annie Beauchamp
Executive Producer: Nick Simkins
VFX Company: Blockhead
Editing Company: ARC Edit
Sound Company: Massive Music
Music Company: Stare Crazy
Extra Credits: Managing Director (FINCH): Corey Esse, Producer (FINCH): Catherine Anderson, Group Chief Executive Officer (The Monkeys): Mark Green, Managing Director (The Monkeys): Matt Michael, Chief Strategy Officer (The Monkeys): Hugh Munro, Chief Creative Officer (The Monkeys): Tara Ford, Creative Director (The Monkeys): Stuart Alexander, Creative Director (The Monkeys): Dan Fryer, Senior Art Director (The Monkeys): Brett Edwards, Copywriter (The Monkeys): Elizabeth Wood, Head of Business Management (The Monkeys): Topher Jones, Group Business Director (The Monkeys): Shannon Duhig, Senior Business Manager (The Monkeys): Mitch Bevan & Celine Dinant, Head of Production (The Monkeys): Penny Brown, Senior Producer (The Monkeys): Kaija Wall, VFX Supervisor (Blockhead): Stefan Coory, Editor (ARC Edit): Elise Butt, Colourist (Color Collective): Alex Bickel, Casting (Peta Einberg Casting): Peta Einberg, Music (Stare Crazy): Jonathan Dreyfus, Sound Design (Massive Music): Simon Kane
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