C4 Idents 2023 - Art Practice - Art Practice MP4 3m:28s

C4 Idents 2023 - Art Practice
Art Practice

C4 Idents 2023 - Art Practice - Art Practice


Title: C4 Idents 2023
Entrant Company: Art Practice
Production Company: Art Practice
Advertising Agency: 4creative
Client: Channel 4
Director: Saman Aminzadeh, Optical Arts, Bafic, Mike Battcock, Will Dohrn, Daniel Eatock, Mike Skrgatic and James Allen, Verity May Lane, Maria Lax, The Line, Louis McCourt, Justyna Obasi, Elliott Power, The Romantix, Dan Tobin Smith, Daniel Wolfe
Director of Photography: Daniel Landin, Eponine Momenceau
Production Designer / Art Director: Arthur De Borman / Art Directors: Matthew Fraser, Imogen Grant Toner
Executive Producer: James Guy
Executive Creative Director: Lynsey Atkin
VFX Company: Time Based Arts
Editing Company: Trim
Sound Company: String and Tins
Music Company: String and Tins
Animation Company: The Line / Time Based Arts / Optical Arts
Extra Credits: Creative Director: Mike Skragtic (Art Practice), Daniel Wolfe (Love Song)
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