This is How We Work Now - Smuggler - Alto MP4 1m:00s

This is How We Work Now - Alto

This is How We Work Now - Alto - Smuggler


Title: This is How We Work Now
Entrant Company: Alto
Production Company: Smuggler
Advertising Agency: Alto
Client: Upwork
Director: Ivan Zachari√°Ň°
Director of Photography: Jan Velicky
Production Designer / Art Director: Jeff Dryer
Executive Producer: Nick Landon, Matt Bonin, Kim Cross
Executive Creative Director: Jason Bagley
VFX Company: Parliament
Editing Company: Hutch Co.
Sound Company: Barking Owl
Music Company: Walker Music
Animation Company: Parliament
Extra Credits: Melissa Waters, Amanda Leach Rouvi, Patrick Holly, Ed Rogers, Tara Fray, Zach Foster, J. Collins, Shannon Coletti, Ashley Bouldin
Agency CEO: Ed Rogers
Agency Chief Creative Officer: Hannes Ciatti
Agency Copywriter: Brock Kirby
Agency Head of Production: Matt Bonin
Agency Executive Producer: Kim Cross
Agency Creative Directors: Brock Kirby, Jeff Dryer
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