Sculpted by Speed - Trizz Studio - String and Tins MP4 1m:17s

Sculpted by Speed - String and Tins
Trizz Studio

Sculpted by Speed - String and Tins - Trizz Studio


Title: Sculpted by Speed
Entrant Company: String and Tins
Production Company: Trizz Studio
Advertising Agency: The Corner London
Client: Cannondale
Director: Oriol Puig
Director of Photography: Trizz Studio
Production Designer / Art Director: Trizz Studio
Executive Producer: Trizz Studio
Executive Creative Director: Tom Ewart
VFX Company: Trizz Studio
Editing Company: Trizz Studio
Sound Company: String and Tins
Music Company: String and tins
Animation Company: Trizz Studio
Extra Credits: Audio Producer: Alina Miroshnichenko
Sound Designer: Adam Smyth
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