Magnes - Microsoft Xbox Halo Infinite
Biscuit Filmworks

Magnes - Biscuit Filmworks - Biscuit Filmworks


Title: Magnes
Entrant Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Production Company: Biscuit Filmworks
Advertising Agency: 215 McCann
Client: Microsoft Xbox Halo Infinite
Director: Isaiah Seret
Director of Photography: Steve Annis
Production Designer / Art Director: Fiona Crombie
Executive Producer: Andrew Travelstead; Head of Production: Rachel Glaub / Sean Moody; Producer: Jeff McDougall
Executive Creative Director: Creative Director: Brad Meyers
VFX Company: Method Studios
Editing Company: Work Editorial
Sound Company: Lime Studios
Music Company: Human
Animation Company: -
Extra Credits: Partner/Managing Director: Shawn Lacy; ACD/Art Director: Alper Kologlu; ACD/Copywriter: Andy Holdeman
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